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Our Story

COFP had been nomads for 7 seven years without a church to call a home church. We have had services in town halls, malls, schools, and rented rooms, we have changed locations often including 1 city and 2 towns. In 2019 a missions team came from America and we prayed for this land.


With no money we had faith to believe that God would make a miracle happen. God touched the heart of Pastor John's mom and she purchased 399 sq. meters in 2021. One year with no real roof, or electricity we worshipped and praised God. In late 2021 a friend of Pastors John and Myra donated funds to start building a roof. Through the tithes & offerings, and the labor or COFP members we have filled the rice field with soil, and built a bamboo fence. We thank God for this experience that has been granted to our members to walk in faith. To taste and see that God is faithful and good.


But the challenges continue, the church sanctuary without wall has been trespassed on, drinking of alcoholic beverages, leaving our table and chairs thrown into the rice field, with broken bottles on the ground. Dogs and goats urinating and defecating on the church property, people leaving their trash bags in front of the church and field workers turning the the church property into a parking lot.


We are blessed to now have fencing permit to build a wall around the church property. And we also purchased a blueprint and cost analysis to build the wall. Without funds we are asking God to help us and guide us to raise the funds we need in the days ahead. God is our way maker and our miracle worker. And we believe that our next miracle is just around the corner. Glory to God!

We began to pray for land and God provided.

We prayed for more land and God provided.

We prayed for resources to start building
the church and God provided

We are now praying for perimeter walls to protect our church without walls from vandals and trespassers.  We believe God will provide the financial help we need. 

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